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Installation of CCTV systems

Установка видеонаблюдения и монтаж систем безопасности | Компания Stroinvest - Строительство и ремонт любой сложности “под ключ” на побережьях Коста Брава, Коста Маресме и в Барселоне

Installation of CCTV systems

One of the activities that “Stroinvest” is dedicated to is the installation of security and video surveillance systems in offices, companies, as well as in private homes and apartments on the Costa Brava and Barcelona.

We have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to install and configure video surveillance systems of any complexity. The effectiveness of a security system depends largely on the quality of the video surveillance system installation.

There are some peculiarities and nuances in the operation of different systems both indoors and outdoors.

When installing video surveillance in open areas, it is important to position the cameras correctly to get the widest possible view. Potentially dangerous areas, entrances, gates, etc. they must be clearly visible.

The installation of rotating security cameras and improved lenses allows the view to be enlarged and the “dead” zones to be eliminated.

Additional advantages of video surveillance installation by our company:

  • Quality and guarantee: our Company has experienced specialists in security systems capable of installing video surveillance of any complexity.
  • An expert will come to the place to inspect it personally beforehand. Recommendations for the installation of a video surveillance system, selection of the most appropriate equipment.
  • We complete the work at the previously agreed time.
  • All work is carried out by qualified specialists, so the time it takes to complete it is minimal.
  • We offer alternative technical solutions of different budget categories based on equipment from different manufacturers.
  • We provide technical advice and training to work with the installed video surveillance system.

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